Specialised Job

We undertake diving work such as underwater videography, photography ,in water survey of ships , hull cleaning , Non Destructive Testing , cable and pipe laying ,blasting & de-silting , salvaging , drilling , propeller repairs , blanking of sea suction grating for repair of valves, welding of gratings/ inserts , fixing of anodes, cutting and repair of holes/cracks etc. of vessels , Port signal Buoy maintenance , deployment of sinkers with Marker Buoys , Hydro project repairs , sea bed preparation for block placing etc.

In Water Survey Of Ships

In-water Survey ( referred to by various classification socities ) is method of surveying the underwater parts of a ship while it is still afloat instead of having to dry dock it for examination of these areas as was coventionally done. our firm is class approved by IRS , LRS, ABS, BV, NK & GL for carrying out in water surveys.

The in water survey is carried out with underwater videography system with live monitor onboard and communication system with divers.

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Underwater Cutting & Welding

we use underwater welding and cutting torches .This is one of our best service.We uses latest technology equipment.We used to repair ships, offshore oil platforms, and pipelines. Steel is the most common material welded.

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Cable & Pipe Laying Project

We have deployed fiber optic cables & conduit pipes for defense units , Agro chemical Factories diffusers , telecommunication cabel , pile driving at sea bed upto depth of 32 mtrs. etc.

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Underwater Hull Cleaning

The underwater hull cleaning equipments are mainly used for cleaning marine growth on ships hull area .

We are having underwater brush kart system for underwater hull cleaning , twin brush cleaning machine , propeller polishing & grinding etc.

Underwater Videography & Photography

We are having the latest underwater vidography camera with powerful lights ,liveonboard monitors , communication systems , marine packs for underwater still photography.

Sucessful underwater imaging is usually done with specialised equipments and techniques.

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Ship Repairs

We do propeller repairs , blanking of sea suction grating for repair of valves, overboard valve repairs, welding of gratings , hole / crack arrest and repairs , welding of inserts , removal & fixing of anodes by uw cutting & welding , removal of fouled materials from rudder & propllers , cleaning of hull area etc.

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